5 Stretches You Can Do while Working from Home
May 14, 2021

Being cooped up in front of a desk all day can cause you aches, pains, and all kinds of strains. But, stepping away from the screen to move even just a little bit can make all the difference.

Teacher Isabel incorporating a chair into her stretch session

If you’re pressed for time, or don’t have the luxury of space, going out for a short walk might be a little too difficult. So, we’ve put together a list of stretches you can do in the comfort of your own work space. An added bonus is that they won’t even take up too much of your time!

1. Teacher Kitkat's Work from Home Stretch Session

The work from home life is something we can get used to, but the strain we get from it is something we shouldn’t have to deal with. Incorporate these simple stretches into your work day, and see how a simple session of stretches can change how you feel.

2. Teacher Jo's Chair Yoga

The beauty of this quick stretch is that you don’t even have to leave your seat! Perfect for doing in between your Zoom meetings, it lets you get a good stretch and release the tension you’ve been feeling. It’s also ideal for those with injuries, those who want to take it easy, or for those with limited range of motion.

3. Teacher Jo's Shoulder and Chest Openers

One of the causes of poor posture is being slumped over your desk while working—a position you might be all too familiar with, especially given our current work set up. As you tick off a task on your to-do list, don’t forget to give your shoulders a little stretch, and open up that chest!

4. Teacher Isabel's Beginner Chair Yoga

Stretches can be done even without having to leave the comfort of your work space. With the support of your work chair, you can gain strength and improve flexibility through this beginner-friendly yoga session. It’s also perfect for expecting and new mothers looking for pre- and post-natal-friendly workouts.

5. Teacher Isabel's Beginner Chair Pilates

Ideal for stretching tense muscles, this beginner-friendly Pilates workout targets the whole body and helps improve flexibility and strength. It’s easy to squeeze into your list of things to do, especially when you’re in need of a breather. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your work space to do it!

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