6 Tips to Working Productively from Home during GCQ
September 16, 2020

With the current COVID-19 situation, working from home has become the new normal for many. Even if your office is open, it’s likely you will spend some of your working schedule from home. This doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Here at REBEL, we’re always trying to find the silver lining which is why we want to share some top tips so you can work happily and productively from home during these challenging times:

1. Create a routine 

Win the morning, win the day. You might not have to wake up at your normal time to head for your daily commute, but it doesn’t mean this time has to be wasted. Filipinos spend on average 1h 6mins every day on their commute; this is a great opportunity to use your time wisely. Whether it be spending time with a loved one or family member, eating a healthy breakfast, getting your body moving or even a meditation to help clear your mind, there are plenty of options out there to start the day strong. Your body and mind will thank you for it later on in the day. We love this Morning Breathing Meditation from Nick Daez to start our day, helping to clear the mind and set your intentions right for the day. 

2. Schedule breaks 

Our bodies weren’t designed to sit down all day every day. Even during a daily commute to the office, there’s an opportunity to get some steps in and at least get your body moving. When at home, it’s easy to let time fly without moving away from your workstation. It’s important to schedule in regular breaks from sitting down; we’d recommend that every 50 minutes you aim to stand up and walk around, taking a break for 10 mins. You may even find that when you go back to work you will feel even more productive with the added bonus of caring for your body. 

3. Set up a comfortable workstation

Sitting with correct posture can have many benefits and help avoid injuries or difficulties that can build up over excessive time in an uncomfortable position. Your wrists, shoulders, back & hips are all kept in a relatively static position when working at a desk, which can lead to tightness and poor posture even in the best of circumstances. To add to that, you might be working from a kitchen table or small table in a bedroom and your posture can deteriorate even more. We’d recommend investing the time and energy to create the best possible working space for you. The ideal desk is 65-80cm tall. If you have a monitor then your eyes should be looking almost directly at the screen so your shoulders & back aren’t curved over. Finally a good chair is a good investment, ideally one that is adjustable in height and most importantly allows you to sit with upright posture.

4. Don’t be too harsh on yourself 

We know it can be a challenge, change can be difficult and working from your house, where you perhaps never intended to have a desk, can be hard. Especially if there isn’t much space and a family members around you, it can be hard to focus. Try to maintain a positive mindset, there are plenty of people out there in a similar situation right now who are probably facing very similar issues. If you do find it particularly challenging, try to take a break, re-group and come back with a newfound focus. 

5. Get some healthy snacks in the house 

We all know how easy it can be when you’re at home to keep going into the kitchen or cupboards and grab whatever is available. Even if you’re not particularly hungry, the fact that it’s there leads even the best of us into temptation. We’d recommend getting some healthy snacks around the house. You can learn more about bingeing and how to avoid it from our resident Nutritionist Jo Sebastian, here

6. Find some time to move everyday

’Movement is life, without movement life is unthinkable’. There are many benefits to regular exercise, better mood, more confidence, a healthier heart, these become even more important when we’re in such uncertain times and spending so many hours indoors. At REBEL, we believe that movement in some form each day is a great way to give you more energy and live a happy life. Whether it be a yoga flow, a dance cardio session or a workout to help you tone up we have a selection of workouts that are suitable even if you’re short on time. Check out our selection of workouts under 20 minutes that can be done anytime throughout the day here.

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