6 Tried and Tested Self-Care Tips from Filipinos
March 31, 2021

Being cooped up at home has given us a lot of time to stay in our thoughts. During these times, it is more important than ever to take care of ourselves through incorporating habits that are great for our mental health. While uncertainty plagues our minds, it’s essential for our well-being to remember that there are support systems available and that there are steps we can take to alleviate uneasiness. 

Coach Val finding inner peace through movement and meditation

A recent REBEL survey done to over 200 users showed that 85% of users surveyed have struggled with their mental health within the past year.  Since our current situation has us more restless than ever, we’ve asked our users what they have been doing to cope through these trying times. Here are the 6 most common habits and self-care staples that have been keeping Filipinos’ mental health in check:

1. Daily Movement

Perhaps the most common outlet for stress release these days is regular exercise. Whether through walking, jogging, dancing, or yoga, working out stimulates endorphin production, which helps regulate and elevate one’s mood. Find whatever form of exercise works for you here, and get those happy hormones flowing.

2. Walks in Nature

A change of scenery does wonders to refresh the mind. Studies show that being in touch with nature and performing repetitive tasks helps fight stress better than other recreational activities. While fresh air improves blood pressure, harmless bacteria found in soil can boost serotonin levels too! You can even take your walks up a notch by listening to guided meditations like this one.

3. Meditation and Prayer

Mindful meditation helps lower levels of our stress hormones. While it may seem intimidating to start, it can be practiced in many ways. Whether it’s through repeating a mantra or lifting up our intentions, we put our focus on the present, and are able to rid ourselves of distractions. In the long run, mindfulness trains us to always be in the moment, thus lessening the risk of anxious thoughts that can lead to depression. If you're having trouble figuring out where to start, here are some tips to get you started.

4. Less Screen Time

Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes on social media a day, making us the highest users in the world. Because of the negativity around us, some choose to do a social media detox to veer away from negative news, while others avoid comparison with how well peers are doing. Other forms of lessening screen time is through reading. Those who can’t go out of their homes travel through stories they read instead.

5. Creative Outlets and Hobbies

Creative hobbies like painting, knitting, and even journaling, require you to stay focused on what you’re doing while still letting your mind relax and tune negativity out. Plus, the act of creating something also leaves you with a sense of accomplishment! If you're looking for a sign to try journaling, here it is.

6. Social Connections

Our connections with friends and family, although still mostly virtual, helps lower anxiety and depression, while keeping our emotions more stable. Apart from these interactions being a mood-booster, they also play a huge factor in having higher self-esteem and in being kinder to others and ourselves.

In times like these, it matters to be in the present. Whether it’s through short meditation sessions, or simple breathwork exercises, REBEL’s Clear Your Mind section has just what you need to get started on practicing mindfulness and for incorporating it into your daily routine. Relieve stress, lift your energy, or even sleep better as you practice mindfulness.

“It’s really important to understand what’s in our control and also what’s out of our control but be comfortable with it” says Erwan in this video on how to handle stress. It’s important to focus on the aspects of life that we can still act on and this is where self-care such as mindfulness can help.

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