7 Workouts You Can Do to Lose Weight
April 20, 2021

Weight loss might just be the biggest driving force for people to work out. In fact, 75% of those who signed up for REBEL chose this as their main goal for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. Because varied forms of workouts can help you achieve different types of goals, it can get overwhelming to choose where to begin. To help you get started, we’ve listed down 7 workouts you can consistently do to lose weight:

Coach Cass doing a squat pulse

1. HIIT the Beat

While the ‘high intensity’ in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may sound intimidating, this training style’s goal is to keep the heart pumping through dynamic movements even during rest periods. Done to the beat of the music, it helps you pace your workout and boosts your happy hormones, as enjoyable music leads to feelings of pleasure. Plus, it’s beginner-friendly too!

2. Low Impact Training (LIT)

If you’re not a fan of explosive moves or are looking to take it a bit easier, then (LIT) might be the one for you! It’s easy on the joints, tendons, and ligaments, yet gives you the same benefits as its more physically demanding counterparts. Whether you’re just starting out or are used to the grind of working out, LIT lets you regress and progress by lessening or adding reps, going lighter or heavier on the weights, or slowing down and picking up the pace.

3. Abs and Core Workout

When you’re looking for a more core-focused workout that’s quick and convenient, this one ticks all the boxes! Guaranteed to help you get a good sweat in, it contributes in losing overall body fat and toning of the ab area. As it strengthens the core of all movements, ab-targeted exercises give you better balance and stability too.

4. Booty and Legs

You’ve heard it at least once in your life that you should never skip leg day, and it’s with good reasons that you shouldn’t! Leg work targets major muscle groups in the body that boost athletic performance and daily movement patterns, while also helping reduce risks of injury and other chronic conditions. Tone those legs and build that booty with this bodyweight lower body workout that you can do anytime and anywhere.

5. Toned Upper Body HIIT

Say hello to sexy shoulders and a toned back, as this high intensity upper body work set leaves you looking lean and strong after putting in consistent effort. Added benefits of working the upper body include posture improvement, ease in doing daily tasks, and better body balance. Before you shut down the idea of lifting, remember that muscle burns calories faster than fat does!

6. Full-Body Pulse HIIT

Who knew that holds and small movements make such a big difference? Combine that with high-powered movements, and you’re in for a well-paced workout that targets your body’s major muscle groups for an ultimately stronger you. Get your heart racing as you pick up the pace and burst through those pulses—you’ll be feeling the best kind of tired right after!

7. Cardio Workout

Feel an endorphin rush with a workout that’s sure to get your heart rate up! One of the best ways to lose weight, engaging in cardio exercises also strengthens your heart and cardiovascular endurance, boosts lung capacity, and gives you higher energy levels. You’ll definitely get your time and energy’s worth when you put in the work, as cardio workouts also help promote better sleep and mental health.

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