9 Kinds of Yoga for 9 Kinds of People
May 21, 2021

When it comes to health and fitness, nothing is ever one-size-fits-all—even more so when it’s something as specific as yoga. Starting out with the practice might get a little bit confusing, but we’re here to tell you that yoga shouldn’t be intimidating at all! With all the benefits yoga brings for both body and mind, we recommend trying it out before shutting your doors on the practice.

Teacher Val going for a nice, tension-releasing stretch

If you chance upon its different kinds and formats, don’t be afraid to try them all out! Or, if you’re looking for a quick fix to see which type you would like, we’ve made it easier for you with our list of 9 kinds of yoga for 9 kinds of people. After all, different strokes for different folks, right?

1. Vinyasa

Best for: those looking for a challenge

What it is: The most athletic yoga style, Vinyasa which means ‘to place in a special way,’ focuses on one’s coordination between breath and movements. 

We recommend: Teacher Val’s Full Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Teacher Anna’s Vinyasa Flow Class

2. Hatha

Best for: those looking to start their yoga practice

What it is: Slower-paced than more advanced yoga styles, Hatha places its focus on breathing while doing poses. Hatha is also a sanskrit term for poses done in yoga.

We recommend: Teacher Ivy’s Beginner Hatha Yoga

3. Budokon

Best for: those looking to mix things up

What it is: Budokon combines animal flow, martial arts, yoga, and calisthenics to improve your quadrupedal movement mobility and strength. 

We recommend: Teacher Anna’s Budokon Yoga Flow and Budokon Animal Locomotion

4. Prenatal

Best for: expectant mothers

What it is: Safe for pregnant women and their babies, Prenatal Yoga involves stretching, clearing of the mind, and breathwork. It’s much like other childbirth-preparation classes, and is a good way for expectant mothers to stay active.

We recommend: Teacher Isabel’s Beginner Prenatal Yoga and Pre- & Post-Natal Chair Stretch

5. Yoga for Strength

Best for: those looking to tone and strengthen their muscles

What it is: A low impact, bodyweight form of strength training, it works to tone your arms, legs, and core through flows and sequences.

We recommend: Teacher Val’s Yoga for Full-Body Strength, Yoga for Stronger Arms, Yoga for a Stronger Core, and Yoga for Stronger Legs.

6. Yoga for Mobility

Best for: those looking to boost range of motion

What it is: Mobility and flexibility are two different concepts. What Yoga for Mobility aims to achieve is to improve how much you can move, while still having control over your movements.

We recommend: Teacher Kitkat’s Yoga Mobility Flow

7. Yoga for Recovery

Best for: those recovering from injuries and those on active recovery days

What it is: Perfect for days you want to take it easy, Yoga for Recovery eases you into working out again, stretches out tired muscles and joints, and keeps you moving even on rest days.

We recommend: Teacher Jo’s Recovery Yoga Flow, Yoga for Lower Back Pain, and Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

8. Yoga + Beats

Best for: those who like to let the music move them

What it is: A special REBEL 3-part series, Yoga + Beats incorporates heavy beats to get you moving and flowing through sequences. These flows target your legs, arms, and core strength, while improving your mobility too.

We recommend: Teacher Val’s Ep. 1 Yoga + Beats, Ep. 2 Yoga + Beats, and Ep. 3 Yoga + Beats

9. Chair Yoga

Best for: those who work from home and those with limited space

What it is: Chair Yoga allows you to keep active while staying in your seat most, if not all of the time. It makes use of a chair to support you through poses and sequences, and is also a great type of yoga for those recovering from injuries and intense workouts.

We recommend: Teacher Jo’s Chair Yoga and Teacher Isabel’s Beginner Chair Yoga

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