BUSTED: The Top 5 Exercise Myths for Women
April 13, 2021

It goes without saying that to make sure we reach our full potential now and always, we should make it a point to look after ourselves physically and mentally. The list of habits to develop includes eating healthy, indulging in self-care and mindful time, and continuously keeping active. While the first two might seem simple, the latter can be more daunting and can require a change in mindset and routine, especially for women.

Women supporting women: Coach Jo assisting Coach Carla on her sit-ups

When it comes to online workouts over the past year, Filipinas seem to be seriously leading the way in terms of health and wellness, and opposed to Filipino men. A recent REBEL study shows that on average, women are four times more likely to push through with an online exercise program than men. Because we’re all for supporting a healthy lifestyle, we’re busting the top 5 most common exercise myths for women, with hopes that those who are wary can see that there’s nothing to be afraid of:

MYTH #1: Strength training makes a woman bulky.

Reality: Men tend to bulk up faster than women because of the amount of testosterone in their bodies—women only produce 10% of the testosterone that men produce. The results of strength training for females include muscle toning and body shaping. So, unless you take testosterone supplements or are in a caloric surplus, we promise, you won’t get bulky!

MYTH #2: Focusing on a specific body part is an effective way to burn fat in that area.

Reality: Workouts burn overall body fat, especially when paired with a calorie-controlled diet, so it’s not possible to ‘spot reduce’ body fat in a specific area. What targeted exercises can do, however, is tone and strengthen specific muscles, which becomes even more evident when you decrease overall body fat.

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MYTH #3: Cardio is all you need to get lean.

Reality: A great weightloss technique is to combine cardiovascular workouts with a healthy diet. However, a purely cardio-based program that doesn’t incorporate strength training can result in quick muscle loss. If getting toned is your goal, then combining cardio and strength training, plus eating healthy are what will get you there.

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MYTH #4: Carbs are the enemy, and too much protein is bad.

Reality: Carbs aren't the enemy—a healthy mix of them plus protein is needed for any healthy diet. What matters is choosing what kinds of macronutrients to incorporate into your meals, along with your overall calorie intake.

Good carbs (like fresh fruits and veggies such as bananas and soybeans; root crops like kamote, ube, and gabi; and whole grains such as brown rice and corn) are a lot better than pizza and cake, when it comes to supplying us with energy and keeping us fuller longer. As for protein, studies show that on average, women don’t consume enough protein in a day. Loading up on protein helps with muscle development, recovery, and body process regulation.

MYTH #5: Exercising while on your period is a big no-no.

Reality: The only barrier to a woman working out on her period is herself. Multiple studies have that movement can help deal with menstrual cramps. You’re not expected to go all out, so it’s important to remember that it’s okay to lessen the intensity of your workouts during that ‘time of the month.’ Like coaches always tell you: listen to your body and slow down when you need to.

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