Erwan Heussaff's Top 3 Guilt-Free Local Dishes
June 12, 2021

It’s no secret that Filipinos love food and eating. However, Filipino cuisine is not known to be the healthiest. Our most well known dishes speak for themselves: lechon, adobo, and lumpia—all pretty oily and fatty, but all oh-so delicious. We love flavor, and sadly, that usually comes at a price of high sugar and sodium intake.

Erwan Heussaff in one of his favorite places: the kitchen

In a recent study conducted by REBEL, 79% of Filipinos revealed fat loss as their #1 fitness goal. A key aspect of a healthy fat loss journey is a balanced diet. Although some habit changes are needed to achieve this, there is no need to spend more or even introduce foreign ingredients in your diet. 

Passionate about food and fitness, REBEL co-founder Erwan Heussaff shares his hacks for healthier alternatives to his local favorites without having to sacrifice flavor:

1. Chicken Adobo

One of the country’s most popular dishes is Pork Adobo. It often takes hours of cooking so that the meat gets tender and fat renders. While it makes for such a delicious dish, it can be quite unhealthy too.

Erwan's Tips:

2. Monggo Stew

A comforting bowl of Monggo is arguably one of the more nutritious local dishes out there.

Erwan's Tips:

3. Chicken Binakol

Another dish to add to the roster of Filipino comfort food is Binakol, or coconut soup. It’s easy to put together and is extremely flavorful.

Erwan's Tips:

Still on the lookout for more options? A simple, budget-friendly, and  flavorful go-to recipe for Erwan is the Tuna Rice Bowl. It’s packed with protein and totally guilt-free! Here is the recipe: 


Step 1: In a pan with hot oil, sauté bell peppers for 1 minute. Add tuna and cook until heated through. Set aside. Combine yoghurt and garlic powder.

Step 2: Assemble by placing a cup of brown rice in a bowl. Top with half of the tuna mixture, bok choy, and sliced cucumbers. Drizzle with yogurt sauce. 

Find more recipes like this in the Eat section of the REBEL app.

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