How Music Can Help You with Meditation and Mindfulness
May 17, 2021

As mental health has become a prevalent issue, self-care has constantly been put under the spotlight. We surveyed over 200 of our users and found that 85% of them have struggled with their mental health over the past year. Aside from the usual self-care routines such as exercise and pursuing hobbies, mindfulness and meditation have also become increasingly popular. 

Meditation Teacher and Sound Healer Nick Daez

As these might be intimidating and unfamiliar concepts for some, Meditation Teacher and Sound Healer, Nick Daez shares some insights on tricks to ease beginners into the practice:  

Q: What is the distinction between mindfulness and meditation, if any?

Nick: Having positive wellness and mental health is a result of practicing mindfulness and meditation in one’s daily life. Since we’re constantly bombarded by information through social media, news, and the like, there’s this constant need to be busy and stimulated.

Mindfulness simply means the awareness of being present in the moment. For example, instead of multitasking while eating, we can take the time to just enjoy our meal and be mindful of the flavors and textures we’re eating—embracing and enjoying the act of it is one simple way of being mindful. On the other hand, meditation is intentionally making the time and space to stay silent and sit with yourself: to learn that you aren’t your thoughts and emotions; and to realize that you’re the awareness behind them.

Q: Others seem to be intimidated by the practice. Do you have some tips to help them get started?

Nick: While incorporating the practice might be a little intimidating for those who are just starting out, being kind and gentle on yourself helps a lot. Your practice isn’t your to-do list, but rather a time for you to connect with yourself and cultivate stillness and being in the moment.

For starters, creating a sacred space in your home can do the trick. Make your mindfulness or meditation a sensory experience by lighting incense or palo santo; or using a diffuser and essential oils to set a relaxing tone. Plants can keep the energy light and soothing, while candles and little things that are meaningful to you make the space uniquely yours. Set up rugs, pillows, and tapestries to add softness to your space, too. 

Q: Is it true that music helps with mindfulness and meditation? How so?

Nick: Music can definitely ease people into the practice. Studies have shown that music can make a significant impact on human behavior and brain function by reducing symptoms of depression, pain, and stress, while improving motor and cognitive skills at the same time.

The same studies show that music changes one’s perception of time, boosts the immune system, makes one smarter, and evokes memories. In relation to meditation and mindfulness, it then shows how music is a great transition for first-timers to develop their own practice. Think of music as training wheels to create a nice foundation and rhythm when starting to practice meditation.

Q: Do you have any recommendations on what kind of music beginners or even avid practitioners can incorporate into their routines?

Nick: I personally love listening to mantra music that cuts through emotional and mental patterns to help one get into a heightened state of awareness. Another would be Solfeggio Frequencies, which are specific tones of sound that increase healing in the mind and body, while affecting the subconscious areas of our brain. These frequencies range from ancient Indian Sanskrit chants to Gregorian chants.


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