How REBEL Coaches Stay Motivated to Reach Fitness Goals
May 12, 2021

Starting to live a healthier lifestyle is one thing, and staying committed to whatever goal you want to achieve is another. There are good days, and there are bad days too—but like they say: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Coaches Cass, Tinoy, Cam, and Hans

But words of wisdom aren’t always enough to have you keeping your eyes on the prize. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness journey or in need to shake up your routine a little bit more, the most important thing to remember is to always go back to your why. Why are you working out in the first place? Why do you want to change something in your current routine?

Because the why’s differ from person to person, ways to stay motivated and on track towards reaching your goals might differ as well. So, we got up close and personal with some of our in-house coaches as they let us in on how they stay motivated. Here’s to hoping at least one of their tips work for you, too!

1. "It pays to have a sustainable and consistent routine." —Coach Cam

When it makes you feel good and accomplished, it improves your quality of life in all aspects. With a healthy routine, you can stay productive and control your schedule, rather than let your schedule control you.

Start strong and stay consistent with a sustainable LIT routine from Coach Cam.

2. "Take baby steps, especially when doing something new." —Coach Tinoy

There’s no good in feeling bad about not succeeding right away. Reframe your mindset and think: failure is the best part of learning. Start off small and easy—before you know it, you’ll find your momentum and just keep going.

Ease into Coach Tinoy's 4-Week No Equipment Gains program and take note of how much you progress each week.

3. "There is power in small, doable habits." —Coach Cass

The tiniest habits lead to the most notable changes. Help yourself feel successful by meeting yourself right where you’re at, then determine which doable actions can help steer you in the right direction. Having an accountability buddy helps, too!

Small movements such as pulses can make all the difference. Try Coach Cass' Full-Body Pulse HIIT session and feel the burn!

4. Make sure your goals are action-oriented." —Coach Sam C.

Prioritize steps that you need to do, rather than focusing on the outcome. Trust the process and celebrate small wins! Everyone has different timings and are in different parts of their journey, but we all eventually get to where we want to be with hard work, discipline, and patience!

Work out with Coach Sam through her Cheerleader Legs and Abs routine—going after your goals starts with taking action!

5. "Set mini milestones, manifest your goal, and be in the moment." —Coach Hans

First step is to break your goal into smaller, more achievable ones. 0 to 100 might seem impossible, but 0 to 10 ten times doesn’t seem that bad. Next, visualize your goal. Be specific, imagine yourself at the point of achievement, savor the feeling, and always remember what it’s like—it’s what will get you going. Lastly, think of what you can do now, and not when the timing is right, and then just go and do it.

Looking for a workout that doesn't feel like one? Try Coach Hans' HIIT the Beat series.

6. "Stay hungry but humble." —Coach Carla

Progress can be a good kind of addiction. Constantly striving to be better and doing something to get there leads you to becoming better. Of course, there will be setbacks and bad days. But, trust the process and keep yourself grounded. It’s all about going slowly, steadily, and surely.

Progress through ab workouts with Coach Carla's Total Abs Workout for Definition.

7. "Learn to listen to your body so you know how far you can go." —Teacher Val

It’s good to push yourself, but be wary of pushing too much, so you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or small. Understand that our bodies will feel different each day. There will be days you won’t be able to do something you were able to do yesterday, and that’s okay. Trust the process and enjoy your journey. Have fun with it because if not, then what’s the point?

Rest and recovery are vital parts of the process. Stay on track with Teacher Val's Yoga to Unwind and Restore for active recovery days.

8. "Always remember that your goals are related to your relationship with yourself." —Coach Kiana

It takes communication, commitment, and patience. Be honest with yourself, with what you want, and why you want it. Let that be a reminder when you’re feeling unmotivated and having doubts. Communicate your goal with yourself and commit to it. Respect yourself enough to see through your commitment, but also remember to not be too hard on yourself. Acknowledge that there will be setbacks, but be your own cheerleader and be patient and encouraging. After all, your relationship with yourself is one of the most important ones you have.

Train both your body and your mindset, and get than hang of that mind-muscle connection with Coach Kiana's Abs and Booty Stability workout.

9. "Identify what is most important to you." —Coach Josh

If you want to tone up, then do some cardio; if you want to put on muscle, more strength training is your answer. If you just want to stay healthy, then just keep moving. Never forget your goal and always focus on results-driven actions towards it!

Of course, it's not always about going all out. Learn to know when to take it easy too—and while you're at it, check out Coach Josh's video on 5 Things to Know about Injuries, so you can make sure to avoid them!

Did we miss anything? Let us know what other tips and tricks you have to share and let’s crush our goals together!

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