How To Adjust Your Workout Schedule Based On Your Menstrual Cycle
March 10, 2021

Working out can become much more difficult when we have to worry about our downstairs neighbor ruining our plans. So what if there was a way to get around it? The body goes through different things every day, so it’s only right to have a schedule that can cater to those changes. If you find yourself skipping your workouts on your period, maybe structuring your workout around it will help you understand what your body needs!

Coaches Cam and Sam

1. Menstrual Phase

Though you may feel like you should ditch your routine completely when you’re on your period, studies show that it’s good to exercise during menstruation to reduce the effects of cramps. You don’t have to keep up with your usual routine though! During your period, you usually have lower energy levels, so low intensity workouts work best! This would be a great time to try out Low Impact Training or Abs & Booty Stability to help you keep moving and let your body recover.

2. Follicular Phase

The next week after your period is actually the best time to train hard. Estrogen levels rise in the follicular phase. This means you have more energy at this time. Take advantage of this time in your cycle! At this point, you have a greater chance of beating personal records because the increased energy can also result in greater strength and endurance. This is the best time to do high intensity workouts like HIIT the Beat or maybe even try Basic Conditioning with Arnold! Just take note that you may be more prone to injury at this time, so make sure you always stretch, warm up and cool down.

3. Ovulation Phase

Once you hit ovulation, this is the point where you are most fertile and most likely to get pregnant. You can retain a similar workout routine as you did in the follicular phase, but note that your energy levels will deplete slightly. This would be a great time to continue some mid to high intensity training in your workout program to continue building strength and endurance. Cardio is also a great form of exercise at this point. You can try multiple forms of training like Fight to the Beat and Full Body Toning at this time.

4. Luteal Phase

At this point, you will probably start feeling PMS symptoms— you might feel more hungry, irritable and tired. Though these feelings might make you want to skip out on your training, it’s best to continue to a degree since exercise can counteract the symptoms you get from PMS! You can do some light or less strenuous activities since your body is already undergoing a lot of stress in preparation for your period. Beginner Pilates and Yoga + Beats would be great at this point of the cycle.

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