How to Get the Best Results from Low Impact Training
April 5, 2021

Low Impact Training is by far the most popular type of training in REBEL. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s a great workout and it gets your heart pumping without putting stress on your joints. But, what is the best way to maximize results with LIT?

Cam doing movements from LIT 2.0

1. Master your form

One of the best ways to get the most out of a workout is to have great form. Great form allows you to maximize the growth in strength, endurance or power that you want from the movement you are doing. If an exercise feels relatively easy, try to reevaluate your form. Focus on engaging your core and keeping a neutral spine during the whole workout. If you use weights, it’s even more important to master your form because improper form can lead to injury. 

2. Focus on the quality of your reps, not the quantity

Another thing to look at is the quality of the reps you do. To increase the quality of your reps, look into increasing your range of motion and time under tension. Improving your range of motion means improving the movement pattern of a specific joint, for example to increase your range of motion in the squat, you would gradually start to squat deeper as your ligaments and tendons become strengthened. Time under tension focuses on the time in which a muscle is under stress. This means working a little more on your flexibility and mobility.  Remember that 5 solid reps are always better than 10 half-assed ones. 

3. Always push yourself

If you feel like the workout is getting a little easier for you, take up opportunities to modify your movements. Turn incline push ups to regular pushups, and air squats to jump squats! Progressive overload is the best way to challenge yourself and get stronger in the process. This can be done through increasing your reps, reducing rest time, or adding weight. By pushing yourself harder, you are able to go further and improve your strength and endurance.

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