How the Pandemic Changed Health and Fitness Habits
July 28, 2021

After almost a year and a half spent in quarantine, strict travel restrictions, and limited to no operations for gyms and fitness studios, Filipinos did their best to adapt to the emerging normal by creating new routines and picking up new habits.

While vaccination programs have been rolled out for a few months now, and gyms are open with limited capacity, the question still stands: Are Filipinos committing to home fitness permanently? REBEL conducted a survey with over 700 respondents to see how the pandemic pushed Filipinos towards the digitization of fitness. Here are the findings:

Workout-from-home: Is this the new normal?

Due to the pandemic, those that used to work out in gyms and fitness studios had to make do with exercising at home to keep their healthy habits.

Why Filipinos picked up home fitness

When it came to reasons for choosing to work out at home, 40% of the respondents did it for their safety and convenience. For 18%, they saw this option as the next best alternative to going to gyms and fitness studios, due to closures and limited capacity.

On the other hand, 38% did so to focus on their overall health and well-being. The remaining 4% stated other reasons like night shifts & scheduling conflicts. 

5% of the respondents who now exercise regularly did not work out at home prior to the pandemic.

How Filipinos train at home

Almost half of the respondents (42%) prefer on-demand videos done in their own time. 27% of those surveyed choose to do live, online classes—the closest thing to group fitness sessions, and 17% prefer to follow a personal training program and schedule. 

While the majority of those surveyed still choose to follow workout routines whether through on-demand videos, classes, or a personal trainer, limited capacities in gyms and studios have also caused Filipinos to be more resourceful with routines, as 14% of respondents follow their own workouts.

Is home fitness here to stay?

A big majority of Filipinos are still likely to work out at home

Even as gyms slowly start to re-open and fitness studios are able to take in patrons, it looks like the majority of Filipinos feel more comfortable working out at home—probably even more so now that they have invested in home gyms and other equipment to keep up with their routines.

With the rise of on-demand workouts and fitness apps like REBEL, people’s behavior towards these innovations shows a promising trend towards fitness shifting into the digital space. So whether people keep working out from home or venture into gyms in the not-so-near future, it may be safe to say that the digitization of fitness is here to stay.

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