All You Need to Know About the REBEL Live Challenge
July 13, 2021

Get a chance to win an exclusive REBEL Merch Pack by joining the REBEL Live Challenge by completing your 30-stamp scratch card.

REBEL Live Challenge

Earn stamps by attending any REBEL Live class between July 19 - August 17, 2021. Each class attended = one stamp.

Earn bonus stamps by either referring your friends to join the challenge or by taking secret REBEL Live challenges. Stay tuned for our announcements!

5 lucky winners of the REBEL Merch Packs will be chosen from those who complete their scratch cards. The participant who attends the most number of live workouts during the challenge period will also be given a special prize.

How to Join

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can join? 

2. How can I join the REBEL Live Challenge?

3. How long will the challenge last?

4. Where do I find the scratch card?

REBEL Live Challenge Scratch Card

5. How do I use the stamp card?

6. How do I earn stamps?

7. How do I refer a friend?

8. How do I know if my entry or stamp is valid?

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