The 3 Most Popular Workouts from Home
April 23, 2021

Keeping in shape has taken a different approach due to the lockdown. With work-from-home situations and strict guidelines for gyms and fitness studios, Filipinos have resorted to working out online, whether via Zoom classes or through on-demand videos.

Coach Hans HIIT-ing the Beat

REBEL data shows that the top-most watched videos on the app include cardio dance, low impact, and ab-focused exercises, and here’s why:

1. Dance and Music-based Workouts:

For most, a good playlist makes or breaks a workout. Enjoyable music takes away the ‘work’ from a workout, and makes people less aware of their exertion. Beat-based routines also serve as a great guide on how to pace workouts, resulting in better overall performance when done correctly. Feel-good exercises such as these can affect you psychologically as well, as music can lead to feelings of pleasure and boost serotonin or ‘happy hormone’ levels.


Included in our roster of various on-demand exercises are HIIT the Beat workouts that incorporate high intensity moves done to the beat, and K-pop dance workouts that put your cardiovascular endurance to the test.

2. Low Impact Training

Low Impact Training or LIT is a great alternative to its high intensity counterpart, HIIT. It gives you the same benefits as more physically demanding workouts, minus the dynamic and explosive movements, making it a training style you can easily incorporate into your fitness routine.


Made for both advanced fitness junkies and beginners to the workout scene, LIT lets you regress and progress through its movements, whether it’s by adding reps, going heavier on the weights, or picking up the pace. Because high-impact workouts apply 2.5x one’s body weight in pressure to the joints, ligaments, and tendons, LIT can also be a good way for overweight people to get started on working out.

3. Ab-focused Exercises

Three out of REBEL’s top 10 most watched workout videos are exercises for the abs. Possibly a problem area for most Filipinos, this also assumes that aesthetics are among the top reasons as to why people work out. Other benefits aside from losing overall body fat and toning the area include strengthening of the core of all movements, as the abs play a huge factor in one’s balance and stability.

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