The Importance of Hydration
March 24, 2021

REBEL Summer Beach Body has launched! Watching our coaches exercise on the beach would make anyone miss the sun and sand. As we work on our summer bodies and get our sunglasses and swimwear ready, it’s important to remember that the heat comes with a greater need to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

New coaches Eduardo Lara and Christi McGarry

Water is one of the most essential things in life. It’s often overlooked, but make no mistake! One can live a few weeks without food, but you can barely last days without water. Especially as summer approaches, people can tend to get dehydrated due to the increase in temperature. Sweating more often is common and can lead to a greater loss of fluids in the body. This is why it is imperative to stay hydrated during the summer.

Water has numerous benefits! It can help regulate your body temperature, which is especially helpful during hot summer days. It can help flush out toxins and make sure that all the nutrients that go into your body are delivered to the correct places. Most importantly, it supports the function of multiple biological processes like brain function, metabolism, hormones and the strength of muscles, joints and bones! 

Another great thing about drinking water frequently is that it can be used as information to tell if you’re actually hungry. The body sends you signals when you are dehydrated. You can feel a bit nauseous, dizzy, fatigued, have a dry mouth or hear your stomach grumbling. Sometimes, when you think you are hungry, your body is actually telling you that it’s thirsty. Maybe the next time you feel like a snack right after lunch, all you need is a sip of water.

But how do you know if you’re actually dehydrated? A good rule of thumb to  verify if you are hydrated enough is to check the color of your urine! If your urine is nearly clear or a little yellow, that’s a good indication that you are well hydrated. If you notice a darker yellow color,  it can show signs of dehydration. 

There are many practices that you can adapt in order to stay hydrated. One can be determining how much water you should drink in a day. This can range from 2 to 3.5 liters depending on your weight. You don’t have to get your numbers on the dot, as long as you stay within the recommended range, you’ll be fine.

Another tip to stay hydrated is to set alarms for every time you should drink water. It can be every 30 minutes or every hour depending on what you think works for you! Another way is to track your water intake and set goal times for how much water you should drink at certain points during the day, for example at noon or by dinner. These methods are a great way to remind yourself to stay hydrated and keep yourself accountable when you don’t!

To learn more, check out videos by REBEL’s registered nutritionist and dietician Jo Sebastian on the app.

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