These Workout Programs Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals
May 28, 2021

When it comes to reasons for working out, we all have our own why’s. Whatever yours may be, we’re here for it and we support you every step of the way!

REBEL is here to support you, no matter what your goals are!

But, with the sometimes overly saturated world of workouts, it can get tricky knowing where to begin or what to follow. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all solution to achieving one’s goals, so finding the right program doesn’t entail you adjusting to it, but rather finding a workout plan that works for you.

So, to help you get started, we’ve narrowed down the list to four exercise programs to try, depending on what your goals may be: 

1. For Getting Started

What: REBEL Resolution

What it is: REBEL Resolution teaches you to invest in taking care of yourself. From nailing down the basics of fitness and nutrition, to guiding you through workout routines, meal prep, and eating well, this program is your 30-day guide to kickstart you on your journey for a healthier life. In addition, it also comes with daily habit hacks from Erwan Heussaff and in-house nutritionist and dietician Jo Sebastian, so you don’t just follow the program blindly, but you also understand the whys behind doing what you do. After all, health and fitness journeys are just as much about the mind as they are for the body.

2. For Your Best Body Yet

What: REBEL Beach Body Program

What it is: Every body is a summer body and this 2-week program lets you find and bring out yours. Fire up your major muscle groups with body part-specific and full-body HIIT and strength workouts from some of the country’s top fitness instructors. Whether it’s toning, shaping, or even boosting your cardiovascular endurance, you can count on this program to help you with that. Plus, it will help you find confidence to love the body you’re in. Always remember: sexy knows no size or shape!

3. For Gaining Muscle

What: REBEL30 Muscle Gains at Home

What it is: When it comes to toning up, the 30-day Muscle Gains at Home program by Coach Tinoy Borromeo does the trick. A program that focuses on strengthening your major muscle groups, it targets different body areas per day with the help of dumbbells or other odd-object weights, if dumbbells aren’t available. As you go through the program, try to progress each week by lifting heavier weights, or picking up the pace on those reps if heavier weights are unavailable. At the end of each week, newly-gained strength will be put to a test through a tough yet exciting challenge!

4. For Peace of Mind

What: REBEL Realign

What it is: This 30-day yoga program led by some of the country’s top yogis lets you stretch your way into stress-free days. Whether you’re just starting out, wanting to improve strength and mobility, or looking for an escape from all the stress, this program is for you. As you strengthen your body and boost flexibility and mobility, expect that you’ll also gain newfound energy and positivity with 30 days to recenter, refocus, and recharge. With REBEL Realign, you’ll be able to free your mind and leave all your worries behind.

Since goals differ from person to person, ways of achieving them and staying motivated to keep on going differ too. But, needless to say, REBEL is with you 100% of the way!

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